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Location: Milwaukee, Wis.
Founded: 1885
Enrollment: 28,000
Colors: Black and Gold

Joined Horizon League: 1994
Chancellor: Mark Mone
Faculty Representative: Phyllis King
Athletic Director: Amanda Braun

Website: MKEPanthers.com Tickets: Ticket Office
(414) 229-2958

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2015-2016 Honor Roll

Bryzena Santos Track and Field So.
Garrett Miller Track and Field Jr.
Nicholas Heili Baseball Jr.
Marcel Harris Swimming and Diving So.
Allison Anich Track and Field Jr.
Taylor Gruber Volleyball Sr.
Thomas Schueller Track and Field Sr.
Kurtis Sustachek Track and Field Sr.
Kostas Kotselas Men's Soccer Jr.
Hannah Lucas Swimming and Diving Sr.
Maria Stephans Women's Soccer Sr.
Rachel Margis Swimming and Diving Sr.
Payton teDuits Swimming and Diving So.
Arica Smith Swimming and Diving So.
Jonathan Stadler Men's Soccer Jr.
Mikelyn Olsen Volleyball So.
Devon Brown Swimming and Diving Jr.
Anthony Sustachek Track and Field Sr.
Nicholas Menninga Swimming and Diving Jr.
Alysa Straub Women's Tennis Jr.
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