Green Bay and Wright State Tied for First; #HLWBB Recaps, Feb. 24

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Green Bay

Location: Green Bay, Wis.
Founded: 1965
Enrollment: 6,549
Colors: Green, White and Red

Joined Horizon League: 1994
Chancellor: Gary L. Miller
Faculty Representative: Dr. Donna Ritch
Athletic Director: Mary Ellen Gillespie

Website: GreenBayPhoenix.com Tickets: Ticket Office
(920) 465-2625

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2015-2016 Honor Roll

Allison Paupst Swimming and Diving So.
Hailey McDermott Softball Sr.
Jaclyn Delagrange Softball 3.47
Jillian Bauer Volleyball Sr.
Austin Sturdivant Swimming and Diving 3.9
Taylor Kasal Volleyball Sr.
Taylor Totka Volleyball So.
Joey Leto Men's Tennis Sr.
Marissa Cherek Track and Field 3.76
KK Leskowicz Women's Soccer 3.74
Mehryn Kraker Women's Basketball RJr.
Brianna Messner Women's Soccer 3.85
Jessica Wolf Volleyball 3.4
Rachel Crites Track and Field Sr.
Natalie Neuwirth Swimming and Diving 3.83
Noah Hanold Swimming and Diving 3.49
Miles McDowall Men's Tennis 3.83
Briana Cavin Softball Sr.
Leo Gomez Islinger Men's Tennis Sr.
Kaili Lukan Women's Basketball Sr.
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