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INDIANAPOLIS – Twenty-three Horizon League teams posted perfect Graduation Success Rate (GSR) scores and League squads performed collectively above the national averages in eight sports, according to data released by the National Collegiate Athletic Association on Wednesday.

Overall, 52 Horizon League teams exceeded the national averages in their respective sports.

The current GSR figures measures the graduation rates of NCAA Division I student-athletes who entered college in the 2008-2009 academic year.

Eight Horizon League schools had at least one program achieve a perfect GSR score. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay led the way with seven programs earning this honor. Cleveland State University and Valparaiso University both had four teams post 100 GSR scores.

The Graduation Success Rate for Division I college athletes has climbed to 86 percent – two points over last year and the highest rate ever.

The NCAA academic reforms have made an impact over the past 14 years, with 16,565 more student-athletes graduating from college than would have if the Graduation Success Rate had remained at 74 percent, the rate for the class that entered in 1995, the first year for the metric.

“Student-athletes continue to make important gains in the classroom, and the NCAA and its member schools are thrilled with their success,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert. “We also are proud of the role academic reforms have played in helping students earn their degrees. We will continue to support rules and policies that encourage students to progress toward graduation.

Horizon League Programs with a perfect GSR score

Cleveland State Men's Basketball
Cleveland State Women's Golf
Cleveland State Women's Track & Field
Cleveland State Volleyball
Detroit Men's Tennis
Detroit Women's Golf
Green Bay Men's Tennis
Green Bay Men's Track & Field
Green Bay Women's Basketball
Green Bay Swimming & Diving
Green Bay Women's Tennis
Green Bay Women's Track & Field
Green Bay Volleyball
Milwaukee Women's Tennis
UIC Women's Track & Field
UIC Volleyball
Valparaiso Softball
Valparaiso Women's Tennis
Valparaiso Women's Track & Field
Valparaiso Volleyball
Wright State Women's Tennis
Youngstown State Men's Golf
Youngstown State Women's Golf

About the Horizon League The Horizon League is an NCAA Division I athletics conference comprised of 10 member institutions located throughout the Midwest’s major metropolitan cities. Headquartered in Indianapolis, the League and its members strive to be highly competitive athletically while committing to the total development of its student-athletes and creating a lasting impact on campus and in the community.

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