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HOUSTON -- It's all very familiar.  The final game of the college basketball season once again contains the Butler Bulldogs, representing the Horizon League.  Butler will meet the Big East's Connecticut at 9:23 ET on CBS.

A Butler win tonight would cap the greatest college basketball story of all time.  The Butler Way is good for college basketball in this morality play.  The little things add up to big results for the Bulldogs.  It's a feel-good story when college basketball needs it.  Butler can show that anything is possible.

The final embodies the madness of March.  Both teams can claim underdog status.  Butler is setting the bar high for everyone.  Don't ever doubt Butler.

The Bulldogs hang their hat on defense.  Ronald Nored is Butler's soul and key on defense.

All that matters are wins and losses in the NCAA Tournament.  Butler is playing for all the mid-majors tonight, whether they admit it or not.

Mark Adams breaks down why Butler will win tonight, as does Gerry Ahern.  Sticking together has served Butler well.   

Shelvin Mack and Kemba Walker spent most of the summer together.  More details are here.  The two will decide tonight's game.  Mack calls going to Butler, "one of the best decisions of my life."

Matt Howard embodies Indiana's basketball roots.  Howard does it all for Butler.  The senior inspires the team.

Howard talked with Fox59 yesterday:


New faces are contributing to this year's run to the title game.

Brad Stevens is grateful for his time at Eli Lilly.  Stevens knows the grass is green at Butler and is grateful for everything the university offers..  Bob Knight says that Butler's turnaround may one of the best of all time.

Tom Oates says it: "The Horizon League is stronger than most people know."

Butler is slowly gaining recognition.  It's a busy time for everyone at Butler, especially Jim McGrath and Josh Rattray, Butler's sports information directors.

Blue II sways fans to Butler's side.

Butler is ready:

Shawn Vanzant talks about tonight's game:


Hinkle Fieldhouse will look somthing like this tonight:

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