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The men’s and women’s teams of the Horizon League descended on the city of Detroit hoping to keep winning games and eventually walk away with the big trophy.  No matter what occurs on the court, though, they’ll all be going home with something they can stare at proudly every single day.

All of this year’s participants received their very own Fathead, a giant life-sized sticker to put up on any wall of their dorm room.  (If it will fit; these Fatheads are not small.)  Needless to say, the Horizon League hoopers were thrilled with the gift.

“We were all literally yelling,” said Valparaiso senior Irmani Scott.  “A lot of us had said that we wanted a Fathead, but we weren’t expecting it.”

DeShawndre Black, a junior for Detroit Mercy experiencing his first Horizon League tournament, was sporting a big grin as he inspected his Fathead.  He summed up the Titans’ reaction to the gifts simply, but effectively.  “Oh, they’re nice.  Very nice.”

The one Fathead characteristic that seemed to generate the most buzz: its sheer size.  “We didn’t expect them to be that large,” said Cleveland State sophomore Mariana Bautista.  “It’s probably going to take up the majority of my wall.”

Jen Wellnitz of the Green Bay Phoenix was similarly blown away by the sticker’s dimensions.  “When they said we were getting Fatheads, I thought they would be tiny.  But these are life-size!  It was so cool, we were all super excited.”

Everyone seemed to be in agreement that this was the best tournament gift they’d received since entering the league.

“I think last year we got name tags,” said Valpo’s Scott.  “So they definitely stepped it up this time.  I’ve been trying to determine where it’s gonna go.  I haven’t figured that out yet.”

She’ll have to get it through the doorway first.

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