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Ian Sarachan, a senior men's soccer player at UIC, is a Men's Soccer correspondent for the HLN Blog.

We got off to a bit of a rough start over here at UIC, but we're making strides to get better. The overall mood is still good and the boys remain in a positive frame of mind. We know what we are capable of, and that there is still a long season ahead of us.

It has been tough for some of the new guys (and veterans) with all the travel we're doing in the early part of the season. We were in Louisville last weekend and we take off for Las Vegas on Thursday morning. The hardest part of traveling so much is the fact that, unlike professional athletes, we have to keep up with our studies. We typically have some study hours on the road, which makes it easier for guys to get their work done, and have the rest of the time to concentrate on soccer.

We're really looking forward to heading out to Las Vegas this week and our goal is to come home with two wins. There may be some people counting us out already, and that's fine with us because we know what we need to do.

To all you critics...don't forget...we didn't start off great in 2007. If you remember, we made a run to
the NCAA Elite 8 that season...so watch out!

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