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One of the most intriguing newcomers to the Horizon League this year is junior college point guard Kaylon Williams at Milwaukee. Williams, as has been well documented, led the Missouri Valley Conference in assists as a freshman. He'll be counted on to log big minutes for coach Jeter and will play a pivotal role for the Panthers this season. With so little video on Kaylon and only a handful of scouting reports we went to the source, Kaylon's JUCO coach Doug Wagemester, to get the inside scoop on Kaylon and his game.

HL.com What were Kaylon's biggest improvements during his time at Kirkwood CC?

DW: In my opinion, he matured during his time here. We asked him to score the ball a little more because of our team makeup. He didn't have to score the ball much at all at Evansville. At Evansville he had to defend and run the team and be a lockdown defender. We asked him to do those things as well but also expand his scoring. So I would say he learned to expand his scoring during his time here.

HL.com Give us your scouting report on Kaylon Williams the player.

DW: This kid's gonna bring it. You have to match his energy. He practices and plays very hard and he's extremely competitive. He plays the game one way and that's to win. Defensively he's going to be disruptive. He's a point guard that can really push the ball in the open court and find people. He's very tough and willing to do all the little things to help his team win.

HL.com Kaylon's been described as a 'prototypical' point guard and a general on the floor. Does he fit that criteria? 

DW:  He's somebody that can take a coach's prospective on his team and on the game and implement them on the floor. He can communicate effectively with purpose to his teammates. I've never questioned that he knew what needed to be done and when and he gets immediate credibility because he's willing to do all the little things.

HL.com Kaylon will be leaned on heavily early on in his time at Milwaukee. Is he ready for that kind of pressure as the point guard on what could be a very good team?

DW: If he's doing the things he needs to do at Milwaukee and earning the respect and trust of his teammates then he's very capable of being a leader. The things I'm hearing from Milwaukee are that he's been effective and the guys are coming together.

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