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8.8.5 Seeding. Seeding positions for the League Championship shall be determined on the basis of the final regular-season League standings which would include all League basketball-playing institutions. Teams shall be seeded in descending order according to Horizon League winning percentage which incorporates contests played against all Horizon League competition. Tie-Breaking Formula. Ties in winning percentage, and thus for seeding positions, shall be broken according to the following formula utilizing head-to-head competition and results against common opponents:


(a) All ties will be broken in the order in which they occur, from top to bottom, in the standings. The elimination of ties will be used for tournament seeding and bracketing purposes only.


(b) Only regular-season Horizon League games, exclusive of tournament and/or exhibition games, will be used in the tie-breaking formula.


(c) When comparing tied teams against positions LOWER in the standings which are also tied, those LOWER TIED POSITIONS shall be considered as a SINGLE POSITION for purposes of comparison. (Example: Team A and Team B tied for second would compare against Team X and Team Y tied for sixth as follows: Team A would compare its combined record against BOTH X and Y against Team B's combined record against BOTH X and Y.)


(d) If two (2) tied teams met twice during the regular season and one of the two won both games, the winner shall be awarded the higher position.


(e) If two (2) tied teams split in two (2) games during the regular season, compare each tied team's record against the team occupying the highest position in the standings and continue down through the standings until one team gains the advantage, thereby winning the higher position.


(f) If three (3) or more teams are tied, compare the combined record of each of the tied teams against the other teams involved in the tie until an advantage is gained. (Example: Team A's combined record against both Team B and Team C as compared to Team B's combined against both A and C, etc.).


(g) If the provisions of (f) above fail to resolve a tie involving three or more teams, compare each of the tied teams' records against the team occupying the highest position in the standings and continue down through the standings until the tie is reduced to a two-team tie (at which time revert to items (d) and (e) above) or until the tie is broken.


(h) If the above provisions fail to resolve a tie, the team with the higher RPI for that season will receive a higher seed (source for RPI: College Basketball News).

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