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This week's blog entries from around the Horizon League make up for their lack of destinations with a wide variety of topics. To steal from The Brady Bunch, it seems to be all about "Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee." Plus, a little gem from UIC. But don't worry Flames...you're still way cooler than Jan Brady (pictured at right).

  • To start with, Nicole Sperl from Milwaukee's Women's Soccer team had a little to share about their big weekend wins. If you can keep up with the team nicknames, it's a great read.
  • More Milwaukee soccer, but this time from the men's team blogger, Nicholas Gerard-Larson, who enjoyed his 22nd birthday this past week. Find out who he shares his birthday with, what other great events occurred on his big day, and how the team celebrated. In his entry, you can also read a little about how the cold weather in Milwaukee is taking its toll.
  • And...from UIC, some notes and insight into the Flames' recent showdown with top-ranked Akron, and a little about the close loss to Green Bay this past weekend.

These are just a few words from some of the Horizon League's student-athletes. Stay up to date with the HLN Blog, and I'll keep you updated on where to find some other goodies from around the league.

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