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As the fall championships near, athlete blog entries are a great chance to learn a little more about a team's dynamic. This week, I have a few options for you...

  • Starting with the Detroit Titans, we have a totally different perspective presented. Strength and Conditioning coach Joe Tofferi's blog entry talks about the off the court performance of Brigid Mulroy, a senior on the women's basketball team, and work ethic of sophomore Becca Pidgeon from the women's soccer team.

  • In Samantha Trawitzke's entry, she discusses the past few weeks of success that the Milwaukee Panthers have found on the volleyball court. And, you can find out whose dance moves are winning in the team's pregame rituals!

  • After reading the latest entry from the Valpo Women's Soccer blog, I'd love to be on the road with them! The food sounds delicious, and I think I'd be pretty competitive in the evening Jeopardy competition.

  • Finally, we couldn't forget about Nicholas Gerard-Larson, a senior on the UWM Men's Soccer team. This week you can read his take on today's music landscape...and what the Panthers are listening to in the locker room. He has some high expectations of the music world, and he even includes a quick dig on Hannah Montana. I really enjoy reading NGL's blog...but after that comment, I'm not sure I can support him anymore.

That's what's up in the HL blog world—some hard work on and off the field, solid dance moves, a lot of delicious food, even more about music, and just enough about the games.

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