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INDIANAPOLIS – Honoring student-athletes for their success both in competition and in the classroom, the Horizon League announced its 2014 Spring Academic All-League Teams on Wednesday. A total of 89 student-athletes from eight spring sports were honored in balloting by the League’s faculty athletics representatives and sports information directors.

Youngstown State led the Horizon League with 20 honorees, followed by 15 from Valparaiso, 11 from Detroit and 10 from Milwaukee, Oakland and UIC. Green Bay had six winners, Cleveland State four and Wright State rounded out the voting with three honorees.

The Horizon League recognizes student-athletes with seasonal Academic All-League Teams in each of its 19 championship sports. To be eligible for Academic All-Horizon League consideration, a student-athlete must have a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.20 or higher (based on a 4.00 scale) and have completed at least one year at the member institution, having earned 24 semester-hour or 36 quarter-hour credits.

Horizon League Academic All-Horizon League Teams – Spring 2014
Baseball All-Academic Team

Ryan Solberg, Milwaukee
Phil Lipari, Youngstown State
Karch Kowalczyk, Valparaiso
Michael Timm, Wright State
Spencer Marentette, Oakland
Cole Webb, Valparaiso
Josh White, Youngstown State
Mike Porcaro, Milwaukee
David Saluga, Youngstown State
Tyler Detmer, UIC
Dalton Lundeen, Valparaiso
Alex Jurich, UIC

Softball All-Academic Team
Casey Crozier, Youngstown State
Jacki Fletcher, UIC
Marissa Michalkiewicz, Green Bay
Hanna Klenk, Detroit
Natalie Hernandez, UIC
Hailey Mohrfeld, Green Bay
Sarah Ingalls, Youngstown State
Kacie Rapshus, Wright State
Bridget Boyle, UIC
Kataelind Phillips, Cleveland State
Stacey Butts, Green Bay
Shannon Butts, Green Bay
Men’s Golf All-Academic Team
Brendan Byrne, Cleveland State
Kyle Henning, Valparaiso
Thomas Wettstein, Valparaiso
Eric Winters, Valparaiso
Brandon Pluchinsky, Youngstown State
Joe Harris, Valparaiso
Evan Bowser, Oakland

Women’s Golf All-Academic Team
Lindsey Lammers, Detroit
Michelle Kleckner, Valparaiso
Aislynn Merling, Youngstown State
Shelly Ford, Cleveland State
Donna Fiscelli, Oakland
Christina Thorne, Detroit
Allyson Hackman, Cleveland State

Men’s Tennis All-Academic Team (*Ties are not broken)
Eric Honert, Valparaiso
Michael Tenzer, Green Bay
Sebastian Hagn, Youngstown State
Silviu Mistreanu, Youngstown State
Christopher Cole, UIC
Leopold Gomez Islinger, Green Bay
Hayden Joblin, Wright State

Women’s Tennis All-Academic Team
Kathryn Sharples, UIC
Christina Colarossi, Milwaukee
Annina Brendel, Youngstown State
Marta Burak, Youngstown State
Valeryia Kulikovskaya, Detroit
Jana Knoppe, UIC          

Men’s Outdoor Track & Field All-Academic Team
John Seaver, Youngstown State
Shawn Bohler, Milwaukee
Brett Pozolinski, Milwaukee
Chris Scott, Oakland
Tony Sustachek, Milwaukee
C.J. Gozdor, Oakland
Jeremy Getz, Valparaiso
David Koponen, Oakland
Alex Chollet, Milwaukee
Jacob Frey, Valparaiso
Elijah Owen, Valparaiso
Jon Huntyan, Youngstown State
Jordan Schmidt, Milwaukee
Eric Rupe, Youngstown State
Martin Nelkie, Detroit
Austin McLean, Youngstown State
Colton Wirgau, Detroit
Max Downey, UIC
Steven Ivanics, Detroit

Women’s Outdoor Track & Field All-Academic Team
Louisa Coppola, Detroit
Serena San Cartier, Oakland
Shannon Marchant, Detroit
Samantha Hamilton, Youngstown State
Jessica Richardson, Valparaiso
Alani Letang, Detroit
Mariya Denisenko, UIC
Dana Clausen, Milwaukee
Claire Johnson, Valparaiso
Meghan Daly, Oakland
Miranda Haas, Oakland
Monica Ciarniello, Youngstown State
Anna Pompeo, Youngstown State
Kelli Wosick, Valparaiso
Nina Grambling, Youngstown State
Carissa Schneiter, Milwaukee
Kendall Homan, Youngstown State
Katelynne Hartman, Oakland
Jasmine Greene, Detroit

All-Academic Team Members by School
Youngstown State – 20
Valparaiso – 15
Detroit – 11
Milwaukee – 10
Oakland – 10
UIC – 10
Green Bay – 6
Cleveland State – 4
Wright State – 3

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