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INDIANAPOLIS – Honoring student-athletes for their success both in competition and in the classroom, the Horizon League announced its 2013 Spring Academic All-League Teams on Friday. A total of 91 student-athletes from eight spring sports were honored in balloting by the League’s faculty athletics representatives and sports information directors.

UIC and Valparaiso led the Horizon League with 19 honorees apiece, followed by 12 from Detroit, 11 from Loyola and 10 from Youngstown State. Milwaukee had seven winners, Green Bay and Wright State each had five and Cleveland State rounded out the voting with two honorees.

The Horizon League recognizes student-athletes with seasonal Academic All-League Teams in each of its 19 championship sports. To be eligible for Academic All-Horizon League consideration, a student-athlete must have a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.20 or higher (based on a 4.00 scale) and have completed at least one year at the member institution, having earned 24 semester-hour or 36 quarter-hour credits.

Horizon League Academic All-Horizon League Teams – Spring 2013
(listed alphabetically by school)

Baseball (12)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)

Sam Koenig               Milwaukee                Jr.       3.79       Education
Michael Porcaro         Milwaukee                So.      3.44       Journalism
Joey Begel                UIC                          Sr.       3.40       Management
Alex Grunenwald        UIC                          Sr.       3.49       Movement Studies
Andrew Bain              Valparaiso                Sr.       3.80       Civil Engineering
Karch Kowalczyk        Valparaiso                Jr.       3.49       Biology & Chemistry
Spencer Mahoney      Valparaiso               So.      3.24       Psychology & Secondary Education
Tanner Vavra              Valparaiso                Sr.       3.63       Sports Management
Michael Timm             Wright State             So.      3.90       Finance
Drew Dosch               Youngstown State    Jr.       3.97       Integrated Social Studies Education
Marcus Heath             Youngstown State     Jr       3.57       Criminal Justice
Phil Lipari                  Youngstown State    Jr.       3.87       Finance

Softball (12)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)

Erica McNew              Cleveland State        So.      3.32       Exercise Nutrition
Dara Toman               Cleveland State        Sr.       3.37       Communications
Sara Cupp                 Detroit                      Jr.       3.81       Nursing
Jessica Hrncar           Green Bay                Sr.       3.80       Human Biology
Brooke Andersen       Loyola                     Sr.       3.80       English/Secondary Education
Brittany Gardner         Loyola                      Jr.       3.55       Social Work
Coryn Schmit             UIC                          Sr.       4.00       Kinesiology
Jacki Fletcher            UIC                          Jr.       4.00       Kinesiology
Kara Komp                UIC                          Sr.       3.85       Urban Planning
Angie Doerffler          Valparaiso                Jr.       3.74       Mathematics & Political Science
Joylyn Ichiyama         Valparaiso               Gr.       3.23       Health Administration (Master’s)
Colleen Schnieder      Wright State             Sr.       3.93       Mechanical Engineering                                                                       

Men’s Track and Field (19)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)

Aviram Campbell        Detroit                     Gr.       3.54       Intelligence Analysis (Master’s)
Edwin Gay                 Detroit                     Sr.       3.29       Biochemistry
Taylor Hennrick          Detroit                     Sr.       3.72       Physician Assistance
Vince Lefler               Detroit                     Sr.       3.22       Biology
Bob Radlich               Detroit                     Gr.       3.62       Business Administration (Master’s)
Chris Smalley             Detroit                     Sr.       3.99       Engineering
Andy Fenske             Loyola                      Jr.       3.45       Marketing
Declan Murray            Loyola                     Sr.       3.53       Psychology/Economics
Sam Penzenstadler    Loyola                     So.      3.36       Mathematics
Mike Wetzel               Loyola                     Sr.       3.61       History
Alex Chollet               Milwaukee                So.      3.46       Mechanical Engineering
Angelos Karkalis        UIC                          Jr.       3.52       Psychology
Cody Lee                   UIC                          So.      4.00       Medicine/Biochemistry
Roy Mwale                 UIC                          Sr.       3.46       Architecture
Wally Bradford           Valparaiso                Sr.       3.45       Elementary Education
Jacob Frey                Valparaiso               So.      3.68       Civil Engineering
Jeremy Getz              Valparaiso               So.      3.66       Communication
Andrew Rixon            Valparaiso                Sr.       3.64       Civil Engineering
John Seaver              Youngstown State    Sr.       3.61       Integrated Social Studies Education

Women’s Track and Field (20)  (Note: Ties are not broken)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)
Candice Carajohn       Loyola                     Sr.       3.29       Biology
Alyvia Clark               Loyola                      Jr.       3.57       Accounting
Gina Valgoi                Loyola                     Sr.       3.34       Accounting
Sarah Finer                Milwaukee                Sr.       3.32       Education
Chantel McConville     Milwaukee                Sr.       3.85       Nursing
Shelby Schaal            Milwaukee                Sr.       3.65       Conservation & Environmental Sciences
Ericka Suchla             Milwaukee                Sr.       3.38       Kinesiology
Andrea Crump            UIC                          So.      3.46       Biology
Mariya Denisnico       UIC                          Jr.       4.00       Kinesiology
Valere Guertin            UIC                          So.      3.84       Kinesiology
Sharon Mwale            UIC                          Jr.       3.37       Mathematics
Aimee Schuh             UIC                          Sr.       3.40       Movement Science
Jessica Richardson    Valparaiso               So.      3.93       Economics & Mathematics
Jazmin Taylor             Valparaiso               So.      3.35       Chemistry & Secondary Education
Jessica Berry             Wright State             Jr.       3.89       Accountancy
Joanie Ma                  Wright State             Sr.       3.77       Biological Sciences
J. Chicka Morah         Wright State             Jr.       3.54       Biological Sciences
Kendall Homan          Youngstown State    Jr.       3.52       Exercise Sciences
Anna Pompeo            Youngstown State    Jr.       3.93       Early Childhood Development
Brittany Stockmaster  Youngstown State    So.      3.72       Geology

Men’s Tennis (7)  (Note: Ties are not broken)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)
Craig Cox                  Green Bay                Sr.       3.52       Psychology
Erik Finkenbrink         Green Bay                Sr.       3.89       Business Administration
Michael Tenzer           Green Bay               So.      3.84       Business Administration
Gautham Oroskar       UIC                          Sr.       4.00       Bioengineering
Alexander Raa           UIC                          Jr.       3.90       Biochemistry
Eric Honert                Valparaiso                Jr.       3.99       Mechanical Engineering
Silviu Mistreanu          Youngstown State    So.      3.87       undecided

Women’s Tennis (6)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)

Elena Strakhova            Detroit                       Jr.       3.25        Business
Christina Colarossi        Milwaukee                  So.       3.85        Biochemistry
Haley Craig                  UIC                           Sr.       3.38        Sociology
Jana Knoppe                UIC                           Jr.       3.62        Civil Engineering
Kathryn Sharples           UIC                           Jr.       3.72        Anthropology
Marta Burak                  Youngstown State        So.       3.55        Biology

Men’s Golf (7)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)

Simon Reyers            Detroit                     Sr.       3.32       Business Administration
Cam Fuller                 Green Bay                Sr.       3.58       Business Administration
Nick Dennis               Loyola                     So.      3.53       Finance
Austin Gaugert           Valparaiso                Sr.       3.39       Marketing & Sports Management
Kyle Henning             Valparaiso                Jr.       3.81       Civil Engineering
Thomas Wettstein      Valparaiso                Jr.       3.72       Finance
Eric Winters               Valparaiso               So.      3.81       Finance

Women’s Golf (8)  (Note: Ties are not broken)
Name                        School                    Yr.       GPA       Major(s)
Collette Hansen          Detroit                     Sr.       3.74       Nursing
Lindsey Lammers       Detroit                      Jr.       3.87       Business Administration
Christina Thorne         Detroit                      Jr.       3.49       Psychology
April Olendorf            Loyola                      Jr.       3.86       Psychology
Kayla Stueland           UIC                          So.      4.00       Communications
Michelle Kleckner       Valparaiso                Jr.       3.97       Mathematics & Secondary Education
Kelly Voight               Valparaiso                Jr.       3.35       Physical Education & Secondary Education
Allison Mitzel             Youngstown State    So.      3.68       Business Management

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