784 Student-Athletes Compose 2013 Fall Horizon League Academic Honor Roll Release  Cam Fuller · @ · January 23, 2014

Horizon League 2013 Fall Academic Honor Roll Release

NDIANAPOLIS -- A total of 784 student-athletes from all nine Horizon League institutions and all 19 League sports compile the 2013 Fall Academic Honor Roll.

Candidates for the Honor Roll must meet three criteria in order to qualify: 1) participation in at least one of the League’s 19 sports during the most recent (or current) season; 2) completion of three semesters (or four quarters, where applicable) as a full-time student at the same member institution; and 3) a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.20 (on a 4.00 scale).

With 120 student-athletes meeting those requirements, Oakland paced the Horizon League, with Valparaiso placing the second-most with 117 student-athletes. Milwaukee placed 98, while Youngstown State had 91 student-athletes on the list; Detroit and Green Bay each recorded 79. Cleveland State and Wright State contributed 69 student-athletes, with UIC rounded out the list adding 62 student-athletes.

Women’s track and field/cross country generated the most student-athletes on the list with 101, while women’s soccer placed 98.Track and field/cross country participants accounted for 164 student-athletes - 101 on the women’s side and 63 on the men’s. Women’s swimming and diving chipped in 78 student-athletes, while softball contributed 67. baseball (62), men’s soccer (61) and volleyball (52) each had 50 or more honorees.

Baseball (62)
Daniel Barwick, UWM Jr. 3.78 Finance
Drew Haack, UWM So. 3.28 Communication
Eric King, UWM Jr. 3.27 Kinesiology
Samuel Koenig, UWM Sr. 3.82 Education
Samuel Kohnke, UWM Jr. 3.40 Art
Cody Peterson, UWM Jr. 3.42 Economics
Luke Meeteer, UWM Jr. 3.45 Kinesiology
Derek Peake, UWM Jr. 3.46 Kinesiology
Michael Porcaro, UWM Jr. 3.49 Journalsim/Advanced Media Studies
Michael Schneider, UWM Jr.  3.27 Finance
Ryan Solberg, UWM Sr. 3.47 Kinesiology
Tyler Thicke, UWM Sr. 3.61 Human Resources
Jacob Tuttle, UWM Jr. 3.56 Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Unes, UWM So. 3.40 Marketing
Patrick Wilson, UWM Sr. 3.29 Marketing
Andrew Bechtel, OAK So. 3.42 Communication
Joseph Buchalski, OAK So. 3.65 Electrical Engineering
Collin Gee, OAK So. 3.33 Business
Jason Hager, OAK 5th Y 3.30 Training and Development
Bryan Jagielo, OAK Sr. 3.89 Electrical Engineering
Tyler Janish, OAK So. 3.97 Health Sciences
Nathan Lewis, OAK Sr. 3.30 Human Resource Development
Ted Lilley, OAK So. 3.44 Health Sciences
Spencer Marentette, OAK Jr. 3.98 Creative Writing
Jacob Paulson, OAK Sr. 3.42 Communication
Lucas Scocchia, OAK Jr. 3.32 Accounting
Jared Theisen, OAK Sr. 3.46 Communication
Tyler Detmer, UIC Jr. 3.35 Exercise Science/Health Promotion
Brian Evak, UIC Jr. 3.23 Finance
Alex Jurich, UIC Sr. 3.23 Finance
Zenon Kolakowski, UIC Jr. 3.57 Elementary Education
Ian Lewandowski, UIC So. 3.29 Teaching of Mathematics
Carl Sugihara, UIC Jr. 3.45 Industrial Design
Collin Weyer, UIC Sr. 3.77 Movement Sciences
Ellis Foreman, VU So. 3.33 Chemistry
Trevor Haas, VU So.   3.28 Mechanical Engineering
Bryce Hara, VU Sr. 3.76 Sports Management
Scott Jerge, VU So.   3.48 Finance
Sean Kennedy, VU 5th Y 3.46 Chemistry
Karch Kowalczyk, VU 5th Y 3.49 Biology/Chemistry
Dalton Lundeen, VU So. 3.43 Marketing/Business Management
Ben Mahar, VU Jr. 3.22 History/Secondary Education
Cole Webb, VU Sr. 3.69 Finance
Bryce Yoder, VU So. 3.84 Mechanical Engineering
Grant Yoder, VU Jr. 3.53 Exercise Science
Jason DeFevers, WSU So. 3.87 Management
Mark Fowler, WSU Sr. 3.21 Management
Luke Mamer, WSU Jr. 3.30 Accountancy
Cody Simon, WSU Jr. 3.47 Criminal Justice
Trevor Swaney, WSU So. 3.63 Sports Science
Michael Timm, WSU Jr. 3.88 Finance
Jack Van Horn, WSU Jr.  3.25 Biological Sciences
Nick DiNello, YSU Sr. 3.31 General Studies
Kevin Hix, YSU Jr. 3.54 Criminal Justice
Phil Lipari, YSU Sr. 3.82 Finance
Nick Manuppelli, YSU Sr. 3.46 Civil Engineering
Josh North, YSU Jr. 3.30 Management
Pat O’Brien, YSU Sr. 3.38 Criminal Justice
David Saluga, YSU Sr. 3.92 Middle Child Education
Brad Smith, YSU Jr. 4.00 Finance
Robert Switka, YSU Sr. 4.00 Public Health
Josh White, YSU Sr. 3.81 General Studies

Men’s Basketball (17)
Ludovic Ndaye, CSU Sr. 3.27 Health Science
Raphael Veira, CSU Sr. 3.52 Business Administration
Evan Bruinsma, DET Sr. 3.86 Business Administration
Ugochukwu Njoku, DET Sr. 3.83 Software Engineering
Olumide Solanke, DET Sr. 3.50 Economics
Quinton Gustavson, UWM Sr.  3.20 Criminal Justice
Evan Richard, UWM Sr.  3.47 Marketing
Travis Bader, OAK 5th Y 3.51 Communication
Corey Petros, OAK Sr. 3.21 Finance
Bobby Capobianco, VU 5th Y 3.40 Master of Sports Media
David Chadwick, VU Sr. 3.64 Business Management
Vashil Fernandez, VU Jr. 3.25 International Business Education
Kendall Griffin, WSU Jr. 3.62 Biomedical Engineering
Matt Vest, WSU Sr. 4.00 Master of Business Administration
Ronnye Beamon, YSU So. 3.54 Marketing
Kendrick Perry, YSU Sr. 3.46 Criminal Justice
Michael Podolsky, YSU Sr. 4.00 Finance

Women’s Basketball (34)
Adesuwa Aideyman, CSU So. 3.55 Health Science
Haley Schmitt, CSU Sr. 3.71 Health Science
DaVonna Bradford, DET So. 3.31 Nursing
Ellisha Crosby, DET Jr. 3.72 Social Work
Megan Hatter, DET Sr. 3.24 Communications
Tayelor McCalister, DET So. 3.29 Dental Hygiene
Rosanna Reynolds, DET So. 3.74 Business Administration
Ellen Edison, GB Jr. 3.91 Human Biology
Megan Lukan, GB Jr. 3.43 Communication/Business Administration
Mariah Monke, GB So. 3.58 Education
Taylor Thomas, GB Jr. 4.00 Human Biology
Emiky Decorah, UWM Sr. 3.24 Journalsim/Advanced Media Studies
Macie Dorow, UWM Sr. 3.55 Finance
Ashley Green, UWM Jr. 3.54 Kinesiology
Peyton Apsey, OAK Sr. 3.75 Health Sciences
Amy Carlton, OAK Sr. 3.82 Health Sciences
Victoria Lipscomb, OAK 5th Y 3.22 Communication
Zakiya Minifee, OAK 5th Y 3.66 Communication
Olivia Nash, OAK So. 3.60 Business
Elena Popkey, OAK So. 3.74 Business
Sinclair Russell, OAK So. 3.63 Business
Bethany Waterworth, OAK 5th Y 3.31 Physical Therapy
Marissa Grossfield, UIC So. 3.87 Accounting
Jessica Carr, VU Jr. 3.30 Business Management
Jazmin Taylor, VU Jr. 3.24 Chemistry/Secondary Education
Jessi Wiedemann, VU So. 3.69 Business Management
Breanna Stucke, WSU Jr. 3.65 Accountancy
Liz Hornberger, YSU Sr. 3.98 Criminal Justice
Taylor Hvisdak, YSU So. 4.00 Nursing
Ashley Lawson, YSU So 3.23 Public Health
Kelsea Newman, YSU So. 3.54 Engineering
Heidi Schlegel, YSU Jr. 3.74 Middle Child Education
Melissa Thompson, YSU Sr. 3.50 Business
Monica TouVelle, YSU Sr. 3.53 Accounting

Men’s Golf (26)
Michael Bishop, CSU So. 3.35 Business Aministration
Brendan Byrne, CSU Sr. 3.82 Civil Engineering
Mitchell Moore, CSU So. 3.23 Business Administration
Aaron Knutson, DET So. 3.54 Business Administration
Chad Bonis, GB Sr. 3.50 Business Administration
Derek Fiestadt, GB Jr. 3.68 Accounting
Gene Kiela, GB Jr. 3.79 Business Administration
Tyler Schmidt, GB Jr. 3.82 Accounting
Evan Bowser, OAK So. 3.48 Business
Mark Foster, OAK Sr. 3.30 Criminal Justice
Cameron Nelson, OAK Sr. 3.39 Finance
Alexander Turner, OAK Jr. 3.28 Business
Joe Harris, VU Jr. 3.81 Accounting
Ryan Heck, VU So. 3.94 Chemistry/Biology
Kyle Henning, VU Sr. 3.82 Civil Engineering
Michael Holevas, VU So. 3.29 Business Management
Jared Magoline, VU Jr. 3.47 Biology/Pre-Med
Matt Ward, VU So. 3.32 Sports Management
Thomas Wettstein, VU Sr. 3.74 Finance
Eric Winters, VU Jr. 3.82 Finance
William Gaffney, YSU Jr. 3.59 Psychology
Dennis Holub, YSU Jr. 3.28 Management
Trevor Jones, YSU Sr. 3.30 Chemistry
Brandon Pluchensky, YSU So. 3.57 Management
Steven Sveda, YSU So. 3.57 Engineering
Bryan Yeo, YSU Sr. 3.21 General Studies

Women’s Golf (32)
Steffenie Camarata, CSU Sr. 3.36 Health Science
Micaela Cronin, CSU Sr. 3.49 Health Science
Michelle Ford, CSU Sr. 3.86 Health Science
Allyson Hackman, CSU So. 3.68 Mechanical Engineering
Colleen Miller, CSU Jr. 3.90 OSM
Lindsey Lammers, DET Sr. 3.89 Business Administration
Jessica Mallender, DET Jr. 3.77 Business Administration
Rebecca Mallender, DET Jr. 3.95 Accounting
Olivia Richards, DET Jr. 3.45 Business Administration
Christina Thorne, DET Sr. 3.55 Psychology
Grace Abitz, GB Sr. 3.50 Design Arts
Stephanie Laude, GB So. 3.61 Accounting
Katie Pokrandt, GB So. 3.43 Undeclared
Alyssa Albright, OAK So. 3.72 Journalism
Donna Fiscelli, OAK Sr. 3.45 Studio Art
Brandi Studer, OAK Jr. 3.23 Human Resource Development
Haylee Zyber, OAK So. 3.28 Health Sciences
Ryann Gilley, UIC Jr. 3.46 Biological Sciences
Caitlan Smollen, UIC So. 3.46 Accounting
Kayla Stueland, UIC Jr. 4.00 Communications
Annie Gaugert, VU So. 3.42 Physical Education/Secondary Education
Sibil Gill, VU So. 3.39 Biology/Chemistry
Michelle Kleckner, VU Sr. 3.97 Mathematics
Olivia McCormick, VU So. 3.78 Business 
Erika Pfaender, VU Sr. 3.63 Psychology/Communication
A.J. Selig, VU Jr. 3.51 Public Relations
Kelly Voigt, VU Sr. 3.40 Physical Education/Secondary Education
Kayla Cerimele, YSU So. 4.00 Accounting
Kelly Fleming, YSU So. 3.33 Exercise Science
Aislynn Merling, YSU Jr. 3.69 Marketing
Allison Mitzel, YSU Jr. 3.67 Management
Emily Rohanna, YSU So. 3.22 Fashion Merchandising

Men’s Soccer (61)
Christian Arboleda, CSU So. 3.81 International Business
Jordan Hart, CSU Sr. 3.27 Journalism & Promotional Communications
Danilo Radjen, CSU So. 3.88 Health Science
Admir Suljevic, CSU Sr. 3.31 Liberal Studies
Victor Zamora, CSU So. 3.44 Marketing
Adam Bedell, DET Sr. 3.34 Biology
Trevor Flynn, DET Jr. 3.74 Pre-Med
Jesus Ginez, DET Jr. 3.31 Business Administration
Matt Harkema, DET So. 3.75 Business Administration
Jason Leslie, DET So. 3.58 Mathematics
Alex Mendonca, DET So. 3.61 Psychology
Cameron Roberts, DET Jr. 3.79 Bio-Chemistry
Patrick Soltys, DET Sr. 3.79 Accounting
Nathan Steinwascher, DET Jr. 3.61 Accounting
Matt Ybarra, DET Jr. 3.91 Business Administration
Samuel Krenzien, GB Sr. 3.54 Business Administration
Austin Patterson, GB Jr. 3.47 Business Administration
Defrim Ramushevski, GB Jr. 3.28 Humanistic Studies
Dustin Ashley, UWM Jr. 3.76 Marketing
Laurence Bell, UWM Jr. 3.73 Journalsim/Advanced Media
Robert Boyd, UWM Sr. 3.49 Biochemistry
Aaron Cranfill, UWM Sr. 3.62 Accounting
Lucas Davey, UWM Sr. 3.73 Exceptional Education
Aaron Horvat, UWM So. 3.37 Undecided
Austin Rey, UWM So. 3.33 Psychology
Patrick Ruhland, UWM So. 3.50 Business
Jonathan Stahr, UWM So. 3.85 Business
Riley Weiner, UWM Sr. 3.58 Accounting
Matthew Delang, OAK Jr. 3.79 Health Sciences
Gavin Hoy, OAK Jr. 3.48 Business
Nicholas Kristock, OAK 5th Y 3.73 Master of Business Administration
Sean Lewis, OAK Sr. 3.50 Integrative Studies
Miche’le Lipari, OAK Sr. 3.77 Health Sciences
Sean Magee, OAK Sr. 3.20 Business
Dariusz Nowak, OAK Sr. 3.88 Business Economics
Joseph Tinnion, OAK Jr. 3.64 History/Secondary Education
Slobodan Aleksov, UIC Sr. 3.30 Communications
Goran Ikic, UIC Jr. 3.40 Communications
Zack Judickas, UIC Jr. 3.71 Business Entrepreneurship
Piotr Lagowski, UIC Jr. 4.00 Finance
Kyle Lindberg, UIC So. 3.56 Business Administration
Thomas Villamil, UIC Jr. 3.30 Elementary Education
Ben Burnett, VU Sr. 3.55 International Economics & Cultural Affairs/Spanish
Luke Dunn, VU Sr. 3.58 History/Secondary Education
Patrick McNulty, VU So. 3.45 Political Science
Doug Petersen, VU Jr. 3.35 Nursing
Tom Serratore, VU Sr. 3.75 Physical Education/Secondary Education
Nick Suker, VU Jr. 3.77 Political Science
Zev Taublieb, VU Jr. 3.76 Communication
Jacob Unger, VU Jr. 3.90 Exercise Science
Todd Vervynckt, VU Sr. 3.99 Mechanical Engineering
Zane Wold, VU Jr. 3.68 Marketing
Erik Anderson, WSU So. 4.00 Electrical Engineering
Chris Dupont, WSU Jr. 3.83 Physics
Brett Elder, WSU So. 3.38 Criminal Justice
Craig Feehan, WSU Jr. 3.25 Mechanical Engineering
Greg Marchand, WSU Sr. 3.96 Materials Science
Chris Meingast, WSU Sr. 3.36 Political Science
Emeka Ononye, WSU Jr. 3.52 Accountancy
Drake Stewart, WSU Sr. 3.33 Mechanical Engineering
Gustav Svensson, WSU Jr. 3.41 Accountancy

Women’s Soccer (98)
Sabrina Abram, CSU Jr. 3.94 Mechaical Engineering
Frederike Dubeau, CSU Sr. 3.76 Operations & Supply Chain Management
Chloe Fadenholz, CSU So. 3.51 Pre-Education
Jennifer Jankowski, CSU So. 3.66 Nursing
Elizabeth Mesaros, CSU So. 3.62 Health Science
Taylor Miller, CSU Sr. 3.25 Health Science
Erin O’Toole, CSU So. 3.92 Biology
Elise Sailors, CSU So. 4.00 Early Childhood Education
Samantha Sarmento, CSU So. 3.74 Pre-Education
Haleigh Shingary, CSU So. 3.23 Criminology
Allie Sieradzki, CSU So. 3.38 Health Science
Lynsay Strahorn, CSU Jr. 3.96 Psychology
Meghan Zidonis, CSU So. 3.83 Health Science
Jennifer Borawski, DET So. 3.36 Bio-Chemistry
Haley Burtraw, DET Jr. 3.49 Sociology
Martha Dunbar, DET So. 3.97 Mechanical Engineering
Ellyn Nedwicki, DET So. 3.60 Business Administration
Kaitlyn Quarrell, DET Sr. 3.26 Economics
Victoria Sollestre, DET Jr. 3.45 Bio-Chemistry
Abbey Troy, DET Jr. 3.65 Bio-Chemistry
Tatum Zurawski, DET So. 4.00 Bio-Chemistry
Emily Friedl, GB Jr. 3.41 Human Biology
Jenna Harrington, GB Jr. 3.34 Human Biology
Abby Juzwik, GB Jr. 3.75 Psychology/Human Development
Justin Linton, GB So. 3.28 Undeclared
Ahna Logan, GB Sr. 3.36 Human Biology
Alisha Maciejewski, GB Jr. 3.81 Human Biology
Elise Olson, GB Jr. 3.52 Human Biology
Hekla Palmadottir, GB Sr. 3.42 Business Administration/     Mathematics
Kaitlyn Pilarzyk, GB Sr. 3.84 Psychology/Human Biology
Devan Schultz, GB So. 3.89 Undeclared
Leah Seib, GB Jr. 3.58 Human Biology
Vienna Behnke, UWM Sr. 3.97 Psychology
Caitlyn Bestwin, UWM Jr. 3.28 Childhoodd & Adolescence Studies
Melanie Coderre, UWM Sr. 3.72 Biological Science
Natalie Fettinger, UWM Sr. 4.00 Biological Science
Abigail Hoerchner, UWM So. 3.90 Art
Kelsey Holbert, UWM Jr. 4.00 Chemistry
Amy Kauffung, UWM Jr. 3.76 Kinesiology
Morgan LaPlant, UWM Jr. 3.89 Marketing
Kelly Lewers, UWM Jr. 3.81 Psychology
Paige Lincicum, UWM So. 3.96 Kinesiology
Callie O’Donnell, UWM So. 3.82 Mechanical Engineering
Maria Stephans, UWM So. 3.57 Biomedical Sciences
Taylor Swittel, UWM So. 3.29 Undecided
Alleina Szydlowski, UWM So. 3.58 Education
Rachel Van Keulen, UWM So. 3.71 Nursing
Emma Worthington, UWM Jr. 3.96 Anthropology
Julianne Boyle, OAK Sr. 3.93 Engineering Biology
Kourtney Grant, OAK Sr. 3.58 Health Sciences
Brianne Horne, OAK So. 3.49 Health Sciences
Jamie Horne, OAK So. 3.50 Health Sciences
Kyla Kellermann, OAK Jr. 3.63 Psychology
Kayla Owens, OAK Jr. 3.61 Engineering
Jordan Penz, OAK Jr. 3.70 Elementary Education
Stephanie Pilarski, OAK Sr. 3.42 Elementary Education
Sarah Reynolds, OAK So. 3.49 Business
Serena San Cartier, OAK Sr. 3.83 Health Sciences
Jordan Sargent, OAK Sr. 3.80 English/Secondary Education
Whitney Sarkis, OAK Sr. 3.21 Health Sciences
Joan Sieja, OAK So. 3.26 Business
Katrina Stencel, OAK Jr. 3.73 Business
Jenna Taylor, OAK Jr. 3.72 Business
Katy Wagner, OAK So. 3.73 Engineering
Hailey Chmela, VU Sr. 3.54 Elementary Education
Taylor Colliau, VU So. 3.88 International Business/Finance
Rita Craven, VU So. 3.95 Biology
Kelsey Draper, VU Jr. 3.86 Biology
Tara Ellis, VU Sr. 3.33 Biology
Jenny Fassbinder, VU So. 3.92 Biology
Lauren Gagnon, VU Sr. 3.32 Nursing
Abby Kenyon, VU Jr. 3.98 Meteorology/Mathematics
Sarrah Ludwig, VU So. 3.48 Exercise Science
Kristen Manski, VU Sr. 3.75 Psychology
Shelby Oelschlager, VU So. 3.36 Nursing
Erika Schoemann, VU Jr. 3.43 Marketing/Sports Management
Amanda Ulin, VU Sr. 3.95 Biology
Kristen Warner, VU Jr. 3.94 Biology
Amy Anderson, WSU So. 3.21 Biological Sciences
Chloe Caldwell, WSU Jr. 3.42 Marketing
Emilie Fillion, WSU Sr. 4.00 Psychology
Ashley Gogolin, WSU So. 3.22 Biological Sciences
Sarah Gross, WSU Sr. 3.89 Early Childhood Education
Brooke McCurdy, WSU Sr. 3.47 Computer Engineering
Allie Metzler, WSU Jr. 3.57 Management
Morgan Rice, WSU Sr. 3.27 Biological Sciences
Michelle Rick, WSU Jr. 3.79 Biological Sciences
Natalie Sedlock, WSU So. 3.29 Biological Sciences
Liz Soto, WSU Sr. 3.42 Biomedical Engineering
Cara Armstrong, YSU Jr. 3.51 Nursing
Heather Coonfare, YSU Sr. 4.00 Math Education
Rebecca Fink, YSU So. 3.65 Exercise Science
Chelsey Haney, YSU Jr. 3.54 Criminal Justice
Karlee Kline, YSU So. 3.33 Nursing
Allison Ludwig, YSU Sr. 3.79 Middle Child Education
Jackie Podolsky, YSU Jr. 4.00 Accounting
Macey Riese, YSU So. 3.49 Biology
Kearstsen Sego, YSU Sr. 3.89 Exercise Science

Softball (67)
Alyson Broschk, CSU So. 3.42 Criminology
Nena Doran, CSU Jr. 3.81 Health Science
Susan Knigh, CSU So. 3.62 Pre-Education
Erica McNew, CSU So. 3.38 Education
Katelind Phillips, CSU So. 3.87 Health Science
Aleksandra Radje, CSU Jr. 3.67 Health Science
Sara Shields, CSU Sr. 3.32 Health Science
Alisha Silva, CSU So. 3.49 Sociology
Sara Cupp, DET Sr. 3.83 Nursing
Vanessa Garcia, DET Jr. 3.23 Nursing
Sam Henderson, DET Jr. 3.69 Biology
Kat Hoffman, DET Jr. 3.78 Mathematics
Kelsey Hylen, DET Jr. 3.67 Business Administration
Hannah Klenk, DET Sr. 3.93 Nursing
Kayla Kostich, DET Jr. 3.31 Accounting
Julia Maksym, DET Sr. 3.80 Nursing
Karyn McCarty, DET Sr. 3.53 Psychology
Christa McGahuey, DET So. 3.56 Business Administration
Katy Severson, DET So. 3.26 Business Administration
Katelyn Steffel, DET Sr. 3.52 Nursing
Allayna Stolp, DET Jr. 3.32 Psychology
Samantha Wolschleger, DET So. 3.38 Nursing
Ashley Baker, GB So. 3.77 Education
Shannon Butts, GB Sr. 3.72 Democracy & Justice Studies
Stacey Butts, GB Sr. 3.82 Education
Tia Collins, GB Jr. 3.96 Human Biology
Grace Elrick, GB So. 3.84 Undeclared
Kelli Hutchinson, GB So. 3.75 Psychology
Hailey McDermott, GB Jr. 3.89 Design Arts
Marissa Michalkiewicz, GB So. 3.94 Business Administration
Hailey Morfeld, GB Sr. 3.98 Human Biology
Miranda Reinke, GB Sr. 3.72 Human Biology
Chelsea Carena, OAK Sr. 3.49 Health Sciences
Sarah Hartley, OAK Jr. 3.61 Health Sciences
Courtnee Johnson, OAK Sr. 3.32 Criminal Justice
Jacqueline Kisman, OAK Sr. 3.72 Elementary Education
Erika Polidori, OAK Sr. 3.49 Nursing
Laura Pond, OAK So. 3.49 Health Sciences
Brittany Prior, OAK Sr. 3.46 Health Sciences /Psychology
Meghan Tangney, OAK So. 3.57 Health Sciences
Bridget Boyle, UIC So. 3.93 Accounting
Jacki Fletcher, UIC Sr. 4.00 Kinesiology
Erica Hampton, UIC Jr. 3.69 Electrical Engineering
Natalie Hernandez, UIC Sr. 3.59 Exercise Science/Health Promotion
Jenna Marsalli, UIC Sr. 3.46 Business Management
Eleni Polites, UIC Jr. 3.22 Movement Sciences
Laura Swan, UIC So. 4.00 Movement Sciences
Janelle Bouchard, VU So. 3.47 Elementary Education
Angie Doerffler, VU Sr. 3.74 Political Science/Mathematics
Amanda Korb, VU Sr. 3.59 Elementary Education
Ashlyn Michalak, VU Sr. 3.28 Business Management
Lindsey Norway, VU Sr. 3.33 Accounting
Sierra Pico, VU So. 3.50 Nursing
Kimberlin Wallace, VU Sr. 3.43 Exercise Science
Taylor Weissenhofer, VU So. 3.49 Actuarial Science
Angie Clark, WSU Jr. 3.52 Management
Jess Gorman, WSU Jr. 3.49 Sports Science
Taylor Knore, WSU So. 3.45 Communication Studies
Becca Peterson, WSU So. 3.27 Social Work
Kacie Rapshus, WSU Sr. 3.84 Criminal Justice
Miranda Castiglione, YSU So. 3.50 Physical Education
Casey Crozier, YSU Sr. 3.75 Special Education
Courtney Ewing, YSU Sr. 3.66 Biology
Sarah Ingalls, YSU Sr. 3.82 Special Education
Haley Knight, YSU Sr. 3.31 Nursing
Jordan Macey, YSU So. 3.44 Education
Samantha Snodgrass, YSU Sr. 3.41 Exercise Science

Men’s Swimming and Diving (39)
Ryan Blankenship, CSU Sr. 3.79 Health Science
George Ferro, CSU Sr. 3.43 Accounting
Adam Ingledew, CSU So. 3.46 Health Science
Justin Kermack, CSU Sr. 3.77 Environmental Science
Kyle Riordan, CSU Jr. 3.51 Anthropoogy
Daniel Roberts, CSU So. 3.34 Business Administration
Stephen Schillero, CSU So. 3.81 Music Education
Brian Heiser, GB Sr. 4.00 Business Administration/History/Economics
Connor Huff, GB So. 3.43 Communication
Ryan Korslin, GB Jr. 3.28 Psychology
Tanner Nordlund, GB So. 3.34 Undeclared
Dominic Boggio, UWM Jr. 3.37 Finance
Christopher Jenkyns, UWM Sr. 3.64 International Studies
Robert Miller, UWM Jr. 3.77 Biochemistry
Tanner Nimke, UWM So. 3.36 Architectural Studies
Riley Spitzig, UWM So. 3.91 Kinesiology
Erik Wahlgren, UWM So. 3.88 Business
Mitchell Alters, OAK So. 3.20 Health Sciences
Grant Harding, OAK Sr. 3.47 Elementary Education
Zachary Johnson, OAK Sr. 3.24 Health Sciences
Matyas Keresztes, OAK Sr. 3.25 Business
Mario Rusnak, OAK Jr. 3.24 Health Sciences
Hrafn Traustason, OAK Jr. 3.31 Biochemistry
Ian Wood, OAK Sr. 3.47 Engineering
Mark Ciesielski, UIC So. 4.00 Biological Sciences
Peter Errichiello, UIC So. 3.22 Bioengineering 
Vince Errichiello, UIC Jr. 3.67 Chemical Engineering
Woody Lord, UIC Sr. 3.47 Psychology 
Mike Reed, UIC Jr. 3.36 Finance 
Brian Sivak, UIC Sr. 3.36 Mechanical Engineering
Fernando Aguilar, VU Jr. 3.47 Mechanical Engineering
Alec Domjan, VU So. 3.81 Psychology
Cody Jones, VU So. 3.62 Accounting/Mathematics
Kile Aukerman, WSU Jr. 3.30 Biological Sciences
Csongor Bajnoczki, WSU So. 3.47 International Studies
Wiehan Boshoff, WSU So. 3.44 Computer Science
Matt Dassow, WSU So. 3.46 Mechanical Engineering
Mark Johnson, WSU Jr. 3.68 Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Meyer, WSU So. 3.38 Mechanical Engineering

Women’s Swimming and Diving (78)
Erin Bender, CSU Jr. 3.31 Early Childhood Education
Kathleen Chandler, CSU Sr. 3.38 Biology
Alexandra DiMasso, CSU Sr. 3.45 Mathematics
Rachel Grove, CSU Jr. 3.91 Civil Engineering
Erin Jajtner, CSU Sr. 3.85 International Relations
Alexandra Johansson, CSU Sr. 3.73 Social Work
Hannah Morris, CSU Sr. 3.78 Psychology
Amanada Pallija, CSU Sr. 3.77 Health Science
Ashley Rossi , CSU Sr. 3.46 Health Science
Samantha Sposet, CSU So. 3.35 Biology
Jodi Turk, CSU So. 3.95 Mechanical Engineering
Taylor Crain, GB Jr. 3.30 Human Development
Carrie Dinelli, GB Sr. 3.93 Human Biology
Jessie Dinelli, GB So. 3.36 Undeclared
Helen Jones, GB So. 3.24 Undeclared
Marlee Kiander, GB So. 3.73 Undeclared
McKenna Kurth, GB So. 3.90 Psychology
Kendra Rottier, GB Sr. 3.64 Business Administration/Mathematics
Rachael Weiland, GB So. 3.20 Communication
Parker Wolf, GB Jr. 3.53 Business Administration
Kelsey Abbas, UWM So. 3.60 Education
Leah Hennes, UWM So. 3.92 Biological Science
Lindsey Hill, UWM So. 3.50 Psychology
Mary Kuyvenhoven, UWM Sr. 3.33 English
Chloe Lewis, UWM Jr. 3.63 Psychology
Rachel Margis, UWM So. 3.83 Undecided
Anna Percival, UWM So. 3.40 Chemistry
Erika Pliner, UWM Sr. 3.93 Mechanical Engineering
Sierra Townsend, UWM Jr.  3.78 Accounting
Leah Winckler, UWM So. 3.47 Accounting
Rebecca Yokosh, UWM Sr. 3.72 Health Care Administration
Anna Yontz, UWM Jr.  3.51 Actuarial Science
Allison Bellford, OAK Jr. 3.50 Health Sciences
Jillian Carps, OAK Jr. 3.45 Business
Nicole Cordero, OAK So. 3.72 Graphic Design
Hannah Dobrzelewski, OAK Sr. 3.56 Biology
Nicole Flynn, OAK Jr. 3.56 Health Sciences
Tricia Grant, OAK Jr. 3.38 Health Sciences
Megan Hunter, OAK Sr. 3.73 Health Sciences
Shelby Porter, OAK Sr. 3.53 Health Sciences
Kyra Rietveld, OAK Jr. 3.92 Art History
Katherine Scott, OAK So. 3.21 Biology
Bronte Stewart, OAK Sr. 3.32 Health Sciences
Karin Tomeckova, OAK So. 3.28 Business
Julia Vela, OAK Sr. 3.41 International Relations
Grace Waller, OAK Jr. 3.48 Communication
Brooke Will, OAK Sr. 3.42 Communication
Kathleen Zintsmaster, OAK Sr. 3.41 Health Sciences
Krisit Carling, UIC So. 3.24 Exercise Science/Health Promotion
Katherine Hare, UIC So. 3.31 Biological Sciences
Devon O’Neil, UIC So. 3.20 Art and Design
Sara Pardue, UIC Jr. 3.32 Psychology 
Alisa Penkala, UIC Sr. 3.48 Architecture 
Danel Voorhees, UIC So. 3.63 Movement Sciences
Melanie Waszak, UIC Sr. 3.54 Nursing 
Andrea Bretl, VU Sr. 3.93 Psychology
Makenna Cannon, VU Jr. 3.44 English
Alex Caruthers, VU Jr. 3.74 Meteorology/Mathematics
Laura Fowler, VU Jr. 3.56 Marketing/Business Management
Katie Meunier, VU Sr. 3.43 Nursing
Katrina Peters, VU Sr. 3.33 Nursing
Anne Rowley, VU So. 3.59 Civil Engineering
Michaeline Spencer, VU So. 3.26 Psychology
Ali Taubert, VU Sr. 3.60 Communication
Alyssa Athmer, WSU So. 3.42 Sports Science
Kristen Hayhow, WSU Jr. 3.26 Nursing
Nicole Holtkamp, WSU So. 4.00 Athletic Training
Marisa Melchior, WSU Jr. 3.61 Art
Nikole Ronfeldt, WSU Sr. 3.48 Biomedical Engineering
Jaime Siler, WSU So. 3.34 Early Childhood Education
Samantha TenEyck, WSU So. 3.93 Sports Science
Melissa Woody, WSU Sr. 3.48 Biological Sciences
Megan Ciampa, YSU Sr. 3.36 Nursing
Jana Janson, YSU So. 3.50 Economics
Hanna Martin, YSU So. 3.49 Exercise Science
Laura Paz, YSU Sr. 3.43 Fashion Merchandising
Tricia Vallinger, YSU Sr. 3.41 Exercise Science
Stefan Van Niekerk, YSU So. 3.50 Psychology

Men’s Tennis (28)
Ellen Folkers, CSU So. 3.60 Health Science
Alexandra Power, CSU Sr. 3.86 Biology
Kara Sherwood, CSU Sr. 3.32 Biology
Tanguy Crosnier, DET So. 3.54 Philosophy
Leopold Gomez-Islinger, GB So. 3.68 Undeclared
Rowan Isaaks, GB So. 3.93 Undeclared
Joseph Letto, GB So. 3.63 Accounting
Marius Merz, GB So. 3.70 Undeclared
Howard Scott, GB So. 3.39 Undeclared
Michael Tebon, GB Jr. 3.79 Business Administration
Michael Tenzer, GB Jr. 3.74 Business Administration
Chris Cole, UIC So. 4.00 Business Administration
Maurizio Feoli, UIC Jr. 3.69 Civil Engineering
Alexander Raa, UIC Sr. 3.74 Biochemistry 
Alan Reifer, UIC Sr. 3.80 Finance 
Brian Hickey, VU So. 3.43 Marketing/Business Management
Eric Honert, VU Sr. 3.92 Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Oakes, VU So. 3.62 Business Management
Michael Savaglio, VU So. 3.62 Exercise Science
Dan Hyman, WSU Sr. 3.85 Biological Sciences
Hayden Joblin, WSU Sr. 3.46 Economics
Michal Lyzwa, WSU Sr. 3.34 Biomedical Engineering
Lauri Makikalli, WSU Jr. 3.24 Marketing
Sebastian Hagn, YSU Sr. 3.81 Civil Engineering
Zeeshan Ismail, YSU Sr. 3.29 Biology
Dawoud Kabli, YSU Jr. 3.47 Communications
Dumitru-Silviu Mistreanu, YSU Jr. 3.91 Communications
Victor Theorin, YSU Sr. 3.30 Communications

Women’s Tennis (26)
Raina Halabi, DET Sr. 3.83 Pre-Med
Valery Kulikovskaya, DET So. 3.34 Pre-Law
Irina Slizovskaya, DET So. 3.81 Business Administration
Nino Sujashvili, DET So. 3.37 Business Administration
Stephanie Londre, GB So. 3.90 Undeclared
Rachael Menos, GB So. 3.46 Undeclared
Chelsea Bailey, UWM Jr. 3.73 Journalism/Advanced Media Studies
Christina Colarossi, UWM Jr. 3.68 Biochemistry
Dana Shannon, UWM So. 3.85 Biochemistry
Tamara Blum, OAK So. 3.52 Health Sciences
Karine Celis, OAK So. 3.22 Business
Juliana Guevara Martinez, OAK So. 3.61 Engineering
Camille Sabourine, OAK So. 3.34 Psychology
Jana Knoppe, UIC Sr. 3.64 Civil Engineering
Keti Mebuke, UIC Jr. 3.57 Criminology, Law & Justice
Kathryn Sharples, UIC Sr. 3.75 Economics
Megan Barthels, VU Jr. 3.70 Nursing
Michele Fredlake, VU Jr. 3.40 English
Angelina Goheen, VU Jr. 3.46 Social Work/Psychology
Kristin Zakiewicz, VU Sr. 3.63 Marketing/Communication
Chelsea Girgash, WSU Sr. 3.84 Early Childhood Education
Liz Steingass, WSU Sr. 3.35 Middle Childhood Education
Annina Brendel, YSU So. 4.00 Psychology
Marta Burak, YSU Jr. 3.59 Biology
Carolyn Jesko, YSU Sr. 3.70 Psychology
Maria Puppo Martinez, YSU Sr. 3.89 Political Science

Men’s Track and Field / Cross Country (63)
Joshua Carolin, DET So. 3.67 Software Engineering
Anthony Donald, DET Sr. 3.47 Biology & Secondary Education
Sam Felton, DET Sr. 3.47 Social Work
Ryan Hofsess, DET Jr. 3.44 Biology
George Holman, DET Jr. 3.29 Mechanical Engineering
Steven Ivanics, DET Sr. 3.21 Electrical Engineering
Martin Nelkie, DET Sr. 3.24 Electrical Engineering
Joe Raffin, DET Sr. 3.32 Architecture
Austin Wigent, DET So. 3.80 Business Administration
Colton Wirgau, DET So. 3.54 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Andreau Enderby, GB Sr. 3.43 History/Human Development
Alexander Kimble, GB Sr. 3.44 Human Development
Paul Malcore, GB Sr. 3.54 English
Dalton Woodworth, GB So. 3.24 Biology
Louis Glotfelty, UWM Jr. 3.81 Committee Interdisiplinary
Sam Leschisin, UWM Sr. 3.59 Biological Science
Kurtis Sustachek, UWM So. 3.42 Kinesiology
Adam Schueller, UWM So. 3.48 Kinesiology
Anthony Sustachek, UWM So. 3.55 Kinesiology
Reed Schmidt, UWM So. 3.67 Biological Science
Gerrit Bruni, UWM So. 3.79 Business
Jordan Schmidt, UWM Jr. 3.22 Finance
Matthew Ferry, UWM Jr. 3.35 Criminal Justice
Alexander Chollet, UWM Jr. 3.40 Mechanical Engineering
Aleksandr Butovskiy, UWM So. 3.71 Economics
Shawn Bohler, UWM So. 3.85 Kinesiology
Brett Pozolinski, UWM So. 3.88 Kinesiology
Michael Cox, OAK So. 3.36 Health Sciences
George O’Connor, OAK So. 3.28 Business
Christopher Scott, OAK Jr. 3.57 Health Sciences
Alexander West, OAK So. 3.65 Nursing
Christopher Gozdor, OAK So. 3.83 Business/Engineering
David Koponen, OAK Sr. 3.72 Environmental Science
Glen Scott, OAK So. 3.36 Health Sciences
Lucas Beltran, UIC So. 3.93 Movement Sciences
Angelos Karkalis, UIC Sr. 3.54 Psychology 
Thomas Kohs, UIC Jr. 3.30 Neuroscience 
Cody Lee, UIC So. 4.00 GPPA Medicine/Biochemistry
Max Downey, UIC So. 3.42 Entrepreneurship 
Zach Harman, UIC So. 3.24 Management 
Eric Loria, VU Jr. 3.57 Electrical Engineering
Trace Ostergren, VU Jr. 3.45 International Business/Chinese and Japanese Studies
David Rutkowski, VU Jr. 3.75 Mechanical Engineering
Michael Salguero, VU Sr. 4.00 Civil Engineering
Drew Baker, VU Jr. 3.26 Biology
Josh Carow, VU Jr. 3.23 Mechanical Engineering
Mickey Delcambre, VU Jr. 3.90 Electrical Engineering
Jacob Frey, VU Jr. 3.68 Civil Engineering
Jeremy Getz, VU Jr. 3.69 Public Relations
Christopher Sosnowski, VU So. 3.92 Finance
Justin Zosso, VU So. 3.22 Sociology
Ian Kallay, WSU So. 3.76 Marketing
Dan Shafer, WSU Sr. 4.00 Accountancy
Jon Steingass, WSU Jr. 3.56 Biomedical Engineering
Kevin Swartz, WSU So. 3.72 Athletic Training
Jacob Chiclowe, YSU So. 3.24 Marketing
Frank Dundee, YSU Jr. 3.37 Marketing
Jonathan Hutnyan, YSU So. 3.94 Marketing
Garrett Mathias, YSU So. 3.82 Mechanical Engineering
Austin McLean, YSU Jr. 3.36 Nursing
Grant Mercer, YSU So. 3.79 STEM
Eric Rupe, YSU Jr. 3.39 Science Education
John Seaver, YSU Sr. 3.63 Social Studies Education

Women’s Track and Field / Cross Country (101)
Amanda Kalain, CSU So. 3.40 Health Science
Ashley Lydic, CSU So. 3.72 Pre-Education
Megan OKeefe, CSU So. 3.80 Pre-Education
Katherine Webb, CSU Jr. 4.00 Pre-Education
Ellery Alexander, DET So. 3.20 Mechanical Engineering
Liz Arroyo, DET Sr. 3.72 Mechanical Engineering
Grace Battista, DET So. 3.82 Biology
Zeinab Baydoun, DET Jr. 3.41 Nursing
Stephanie Blanchard, DET Sr. 3.26 Nursing
Louisa Coppola, DET Sr. 3.84 English Literature
Stephanie Cuniberti, DET Sr. 3.33 Architecture
Torrie Eger, DET Sr. 3.71 Biology
Jasmine Greene, DET Jr. 3.24 Psychology
Rachel Hofsess, DET Sr. 3.28 Nursing
Alani Letang, DET So. 3.66 Communications
Shannon Marchant, DET Sr. 3.90 Psychology/Intelligence Analysis
Nicole Meisner, DET Sr. 3.44 Psychology/Criminal Justice
Whitney Rogers, DET Sr. 3.31 Health Information Management
Bri Soule, DET Sr. 3.46 Criminal Justice/Intelligence Analysis
Sara Taylor, DET Jr. 3.82 Bio-Chemistry
Katie Weishaar, DET Sr. 3.34 Physician’s Assistant
Kayla Zauner, DET Sr. 3.86 Criminal Justice
Lindsy Cook, GB Sr. 3.79 Education
Rachel Crites, GB So. 3.84 Human Biology
Kayla Hucke, GB Jr. 3.92 Psychology
Erica Johnson, GB Jr. 3.38 Human Biology
Heidi Langteau, GB Jr. 3.62 English
Sarah Mauel, GB So. 3.70 Human Biology
Taylor Stelter, GB So. 3.52 Psychology/Human Development
Nicole Will, GB Jr. 4.00 Human Biology
Claira Himmel, UWM Jr. 3.451 Exceptional Education
Dana Clausen, UWM Jr. 3.636 Nursing
Annette Lemanski, UWM Jr. 3.787 Kinesiology
Samantha Woller, UWM Sr. 3.635 Biological Science
Carissa Schneiter, UWM Sr. 3.924 Criminal Justice
Brooke Jameson, UWM So. 3.282 Education
Anuli Okonkwo, UWM So. 3.381 Biological Science
Ashley Brusveen, UWM So. 3.596 Psychology
Christine Auxier, OAK Sr. 3.66 Engineering
Leigh Bravender, OAK Jr. 3.24 Health Sciences
Morgan Bridgewater, OAK So. 3.46 Elementary Education
Emma Claucherty, OAK Sr. 3.59 Health Sciences
Jenae Curley, OAK Sr. 3.76 Biology
Megan Czarnowski, OAK 5th Y 3.85 Biomedical Science
Miranda Haas, OAK So. 3.95 Biology
Karli Keur, OAK So. 3.38 Elementary Education
Sarah Oren, OAK Sr. 3.47 Chemistry
Cassandra Peterson, OAK Jr. 3.22 Health Sciences
Courtney Stauffer, OAK Jr. 3.63 Criminal Justice
Meghan Daly, OAK So. 3.75 Business
Michelle Dong-Dobson, OAK Sr. 3.42 Health Science
Shannon Getchen, OAK Sr. 3.26 Integrative Studies
Elizabeth Girardot, OAK So. 3.68 Elementary Education
Katelynne Hartman, OAK Sr. 3.65 Elementary Education
Hayley MacDonald, OAK So. 3.75 Health Sciences
Cady Pozolo, OAK Jr. 3.68 Marketing
Tess Ehrhardt, UIC Jr. 3.48 Movement Sciences
Lauren Lindholm, UIC So. 3.26 Biological Sciences
Emma Preston, UIC So. 3.64 Biological Sciences
Mariya Denisekno, UIC Sr. 4.00 Movement Sciences 
Valere Guertin, UIC Jr. 3.82 Movement Sciences
Nicole Lewis, UIC So. 3.48 Psychology
Sharon Mwale, UIC Jr. 3.46 Public Health
Erin Romito, UIC Jr. 3.30 Graphic Design
Noelle Williams, UIC Sr. 3.29 Graphic Design
Claire Johnson, VU Sr. 3.87 International Economics & Cultural Affairs/German
Jessica Richardson, VU Jr. 3.88 Economics/Mathematics
Sophia Robinson, VU So. 3.56 Biology/Chemistry
Hannah Schilling, VU So. 3.59 Nursing
Grace Shemwell, VU Sr. 3.37 Philosophy/English
Annie Gaugert, VU So. 3.42 Physical Education/Secondary Education
Abby Kenyon, VU Jr. 3.98 Meteorology/Mathematics
Malea Buck, VU Jr. 3.45 Nursing
Ann Chapman, VU So. 3.65 Physics
Erica Funk, VU Sr. 3.33 Nursing
Brooke Hinstorff, VU Jr. 3.39 Nursing
Haley Just, VU Jr. 4.00 Elementary Education
Sarah Peters, VU So. 3.25 Nursing
Jazmin Taylor, VU Jr. 3.24 Chemistry/Secondary Education
Kelli Wosick, VU Jr. 3.81 English/Secondary Education
Nicole Zehel, VU Sr. 3.36 Nursing
Brittany Bailey, WSU So. 3.43 Psychology
Laura Benton, WSU So. 4.00 Biological Sciences
Ellie Holsopple, WSU Jr. 3.54 Rehabilitation Services
Rachel Janson, WSU Sr. 3.22 Sports Science
Kylie Kopp, WSU Sr. 3.66 Psychology
Jena Studabaker, WSU Jr. 3.29 Physical Education
Heather Coonfare, YSU Sr. 4.00 Math Education
Monica Ciarniello, YSU Sr. 3.78 Math Education
Nina Grambling, YSU Jr. 3.45 Communications
Samantha Hamilton, YSU Sr. 3.73 Exercise Science
Leanna Hartsough, YSU Jr. 3.36 Physical Education
Katelyn Heney, YSU Jr. 3.27 Nursing
Kendall Homan, YSU Sr. 3.59 Exercise Science
Karlie Ligore, YSU Sr. 3.23 Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Parham, YSU Sr. 3.46 Exercise Science
Anna Pompeo, YSU Sr. 3.92 General Studies
Hannah Ropp, YSU Jr. 3.65 Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Shiley, YSU Jr. 3.48 Biology
Ashley Smith, YSU Jr. 3.86 Language Arts Education
Brittany Stockmaster, YSU Jr. 3.73 Geology

Volleyball (52)
Alyssa Beck, CSU Jr. 3.79 Health Scence
Ann Djukic, CSU Sr. 3.67 Physical Therapy
Margaret Hannon, CSU Jr. 3.55 Health Science
Logan Holthaus, CSU So. 3.42 Speech & Hearing
Dayna Roberts, CSU So. 3.82 Health Science
Christina Toth, CSU So. 3.40 Biology
Monica Anderson, GB Sr. 3.92 Democracy and Justice Studies
Mikaela Gunderson, GB So. 3.45 Human Biology
Sophia Jaskulske, GB So. 3.52 Human Biology
Taylor Kasal, GB So. 3.78 Geoscience
Sabrina Marunowski, GB Sr. 3.33 Business Administration
Rebecca Mastey, GB So. 3.62 Undeclared
Katelyn Mroczenski, GB Sr. 3.78 Human Biology
Stephanie Siroin, GB So. 3.61 Undeclared
Leah VanZeeland, GB Sr. 3.82 Education
Lyndsay Zabkowicz, GB Sr. 3.54 Human Biology
Julie Kolinske, UWM Jr. 3.28 Education
Taylor Gruber, UWM Jr. 3.63 Kinesiology
Arianna Wiersma, UWM Jr. 3.67 Business
Taylor Golabowski, UWM Jr. 3.72 Kinesiology
Amber Simonton, UWM Sr. 3.21 Communication Science & Disorders
Rachel Neuberger, UWM Sr. 3.64 Accounting
Hannah Blanchard, UWM Sr. 3.99 Kinesiology
Maisey Mulvey, UWM So. 3.68 Nursing
Nicole Latzig, UWM So. 3.74 Occupational Studies
Maggie Dunbar, UWM So. 3.79 Criminal Justice
Amanda Baker, OAK So. 3.97 Health Sciences
Mary Grassano, OAK So. 3.36 Health Sciences
Taylor Hargraves, OAK So. 3.54 Elementary Education
Taylor Humm, OAK Sr. 3.62 Engineering
Allia Knight, OAK So. 3.69 Health Sciences
Alexis Rutter, OAK Sr. 3.32 Integrative Studies
MaryKate Imrie, UIC Sr. 3.49 Communications
Molly McCoy, UIC Jr. 3.27 Criminology, Law & Justice
Sara Sternard, UIC Jr. 3.42 Biological Sciences
Morgan Beil, VU Jr. 3.56 Elementary Education
Kelsey Berrington, VU So. 3.52 Elementary Education
Sarah Chrabaszcz, VU Sr. 3.97 Biology/Chemistry
Sarah Dooms, VU Sr. 3.82 Communication
Lindsey Hauch, VU Sr.  3.67 Nursing
Janelle Hobbs, VU Sr. 3.80 Mathematics/Secondary Education
Samantha Daniel, WSU Jr. 3.75 Finance
Ashley Langjahr, WSU Jr. 3.65 Biological Sciences
Ellen Senf, WSU Sr. 3.50 Master of Business Administration
Heidi Splinter, WSU Sr. 3.56 Sports Science
Jackie Carlisle, YSU Sr. 3.31 Professioanl Writing/Editing
Missy Hundelt, YSU Sr. 3.50 Criminal Justice
Nichele Johnson, YSU Sr. 3.39 Public Health
Alyson Ryan, YSU So. 3.67 Marketing
Nicole Thompson, YSU So. 3.20 Allied Health
Shannon Watson, YSU Jr. 3.40 Marketing
Erika West, YSU Sr. 3.35 Criminal Justice

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