What is HorizonLeague.com?
HorizonLeague.com is the official website of the Horizon League. HorizonLeague.com is available to anyone with access to the Internet and contains articles, press releases, statistical information, video and other important content regarding the Horizon League.

Comprised of nine public and private institutions of higher learning, the Horizon League is an NCAA Division I athletics conference that sponsors 19 intercollegiate championships and is headquartered in Indianapolis. The League and its member institutions aspire to teach young people, through athletic competition, the value of learning, service to others and personal responsibility.

Member institutions of the Horizon League are Cleveland State University, the University of Detroit Mercy, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Oakland (Mich.) University, Valparaiso (Ind.) University, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio) and Youngstown (Ohio) State University.

What is the Horizon League Network?
 Originally launched in October 2006, the Horizon League Network is a conference-wide video-streaming platform designed to provide coverage of the League’s member institutions’ athletic programs.  The network features quality live game webcasts and other compelling on-demand programming.

Do I need to signup to view video content on HLN?
 There is no need to sign up to access content from the Horizon League Network.  Live content is available by going to the Live Broadcast Schedule and on-demand video is available in the Video Library.

HLN Viewing Requirements
 Horizon League Network live programming and archived video can only be utilized through a high-speed Internet connection of 1.25 Mbps, such as cable, DSL, or satellite. If your connection to the Internet is by dial-up modem or is slower than a DSL connection you will not be able to watch Horizon League Network media. A DSL, cable modem or other high-speed connection is highly recommended.

In addition to having a high-speed Internet connection, your computer should have the latest version of Flash Media Player.

What does it cost?
 Nothing. One of the key aspects of HLN is that all programming is completely free.  There are no per-game, monthly or annual subscription fees.  Just click on the live game or on-demand feature of your choice, and enjoy!

Can I record programming on HLN?
 While there is not an option to record live content on HLN, archives of all men's and women's basketball League games will be available for one week.

The video is freezing or skipping:
Freezing or skipping video is usually caused by a slow Internet connection on the user end.  Please make sure your connection meets the minimum requirements stated in the HLN Viewing Requirements section.

I attempt to watch a live broadcast but just get a black screen where the video player should be:
 Navigate to the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager.  Go to the Global Storage Settings tab and make sure the “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer” is checked.  If it was unchecked, click it, then click to another tab to “save it” and then refresh your page.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, please check your firewall settings if you’re still not getting video.

Can I link my site to HorizonLeague.com?
 Yes, you are allowed to link to http://www.horizonleague.com/. If your site is frame-based, we ask that HorizonLeague.com opens in a new frame rather than in a frame on your site.

I'd like to see something on HorizonLeague.com that is not on the site, where do I send my input?
 We value your input and would like to hear from you! We've created a place for you to tell us what you like and don't like about HorizonLeague.com. Please click here to give us your input. Additionally, we plan to continuously update the site to make a better experience for our fans.