Wright State Earns No. 3 Seed for Louisville Regional

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  • Cleveland-state
  • Detroit
  • Green-bay
  • Milwaukee
  • Northern-kentucky
  • Oakland
  • Uic
  • Valparaiso
  • Wright-state
  • Youngstown-state

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Athletes of the Week


Ellis Foreman, Valparaiso Junior, Pitcher


Jake Hanson, Valparaiso Junior, Catcher
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2014-2015 Honor Roll

Tyler Moorman Detroit Men's Soccer So.
Marta Burak YSU Women's Tennis Sr.
Hailee Frey Green Bay Softball So.
Mark Johnson WSU Swimming and Diving Sr.
McKenna Kurth Green Bay Swimming and Diving Jr.
Courtney Stauffer Oakland Track and Field Sr.
Leanna Hartsough YSU Track and Field Sr.
Alex Radjen CSU Softball Sr.
Princess Gbadamosi CSU Women's Tennis So.
Kostas Kotselas Milwaukee Men's Soccer So.
Adam Ruiz WSU Track and Field So.
Ismail Kadyrov Detroit Men's Tennis So.
Clement Quilliec WSU Swimming and Diving So.
Maisey Mulvey Milwaukee Volleyball Jr.
Tricia Grant Oakland Swimming and Diving Sr.
Vanesa Abad Valparaiso Women's Soccer So./Fr.
Maxime Colen Oakland Women's Tennis Jr.
Bethany Robertson CSU Swimming and Diving Jr.
Julianne Boyle Oakland Women's Soccer M
Ricardo Ramirez UIC Baseball So.
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