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  • Cleveland-state
  • Detroit
  • Green-bay
  • Milwaukee
  • Northern-kentucky
  • Oakland
  • Uic
  • Valparaiso
  • Wright-state
  • Youngstown-state

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Athletes of the Week

Track and Field

Brett Pozolinski, Milwaukee Senior, Jumps

Track and Field

Alize Souter, Milwaukee Sophomore, Jumps

Track and Field

Austin McLean, Youngstown State Senior, Distance

Track and Field

Michelle Klim, Youngstown State Junior, Distance

Women's Tennis

Bianca Zuzu, UIC Sophomore

Men's Tennis

Jeffrey Schorsch, Valparaiso Junior

Swimming and Diving

Krissy Harmon, Oakland Freshman, Swimmer

Swimming and Diving

Philipp Sikatzki, Cleveland State Junior, Swimmer

Swimming and Diving

Michael Klemm, Green Bay Sophomore, Diver

Swimming and Diving

Bethany Glick, Youngstown State Sophomore, Diver
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2014-2015 Honor Roll

Ellis Foreman Valparaiso Baseball Jr./So.
Alyssa Albright Oakland Golf Jr.
Pawel Klimek UIC Track and Field So.
Emma Preston UIC Track and Field Jr.
Abbey Troy Detroit Women's Soccer Sr.
Ian Kallay WSU Track and Field Gr.
Brett Elder WSU Men's Soccer Jr.
Christopher Sosnowski Valparaiso Track and Field Jr.
Kathryn Schulz Green Bay Women's Soccer So.
Anthony Torres Belmont Men's Soccer Jr.
Anuli Okonkwo Milwaukee Track and Field Sr.
Jacob Tuttle Milwaukee Baseball Sr.
Jaynee Corbett YSU Track and Field So.
Christian Saporiti UIC Track and Field So.
Jana Janson YSU Swimming and Diving Jr.
Olivia McCormick Valparaiso Golf Jr.
Lydia Peplinski Oakland Softball So.
Libby Pfeffer WSU Softball So.
Samantha Sposet CSU Swimming and Diving Jr.
Steven Sveda YSU Golf Jr.
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