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  • Cleveland-state
  • Detroit
  • Green-bay
  • Milwaukee
  • Northern-kentucky
  • Oakland
  • Uic
  • Valparaiso
  • Wright-state
  • Youngstown-state

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Athletes of the Week


Dalton Lundeen, Valparaiso Senior, Pitcher


Ryan Fucci, Wright State Senior, Outfielder
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2014-2015 Honor Roll

Ashley Smith YSU Track and Field Sr.
Cassandra Peterson Oakland Track and Field Sr.
Alyssa Albright Oakland Golf Jr.
Molly McCoy UIC Volleyball Sr.
Vincent Paikowski Milwaukee Track and Field Jr.
Alisha Maciejewski Green Bay Women's Soccer Sr.
Brittany Stockmaster YSU Track and Field Sr.
Patricia Aschan Oakland Swimming and Diving Jr.
Bretton Prahl Milwaukee Men's Basketball So.
Gavin Hoy Oakland Men's Soccer Sr.
Nathan Pozolinski Milwaukee Track and Field So.
Colton Wirgau Detroit Track and Field Jr.
Sarah Dowd YSU Softball So.
Josh Carow Valparaiso Track and Field Sr.
Jocelyn Parks UIC Women's Basketball Jr.
Luke Mamer WSU Baseball Sr.
Katrina Stencel Oakland Women's Soccer Sr.
Marlee Kiander Green Bay Swimming and Diving Jr.
Zack Judickas UIC Men's Soccer RSJr.
Joseph Tinnion Oakland Men's Soccer Sr.
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