WSU Rolls to Win; Oakland Falls Short at UGA

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  • Cleveland-state
  • Detroit
  • Green-bay
  • Milwaukee
  • Northern-kentucky
  • Oakland
  • Uic
  • Valparaiso
  • Wright-state
  • Youngstown-state

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Athletes of the Week

Women's Basketball

Kim Demmings, Wright State Senior, Guard

Women's Basketball

Emily Vogelpohl, Wright State Freshman, Guard
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2014-2015 Honor Roll

Pawel Klimek UIC Track and Field So.
Rachael Menos Green Bay Women's Tennis Jr.
Emma Preston UIC Track and Field Jr.
Hailee Frey Green Bay Softball So.
Alex Mendonca Detroit Men's Soccer Jr.
James Wise Green Bay Swimming and Diving So.
Brennen Miller Valparaiso Track and Field So.
Serena San Cartier Oakland Track and Field M
Ashley Baker Green Bay Softball Jr.
Marius Merz Green Bay Men's Tennis Jr.
Ashley Langjahr WSU Volleyball Sr.
Dalton Lundeen Valparaiso Baseball Jr.
Leah Wheaton Milwaukee Track and Field So.
Alani Letang Detroit Track and Field Jr.
Ann-Sophie Hahn UIC Women's Tennis Jr.
Andrew McCafferty WSU Baseball Sr.
Alexandra Weitzer Green Bay Women's Basketball So.
Manuel Bellutti CSU Men's Tennis Sr.
Kelli Wosick Valparaiso Track and Field Sr.
George O'Connor Oakland Track and Field Jr.
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