Horizon League Athletes of the Week (Week of Aug. 24)

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  • Cleveland-state
  • Detroit
  • Green-bay
  • Milwaukee
  • Northern-kentucky
  • Oakland
  • Uic
  • Valparaiso
  • Wright-state
  • Youngstown-state

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Athletes of the Week


Alexis Middlebrooks, Cleveland State Sophomore, Middle Hitter


Katie Klusman, Wright State Sophomore, Outside Hitter

Men's Soccer

Tyler Blackmer, Wright State Junior, Goalkeeper

Men's Soccer

Peguy Ngatcha, Wright State Junior, Forward

Women's Soccer

Jamie Daniels, Cleveland State Sophomore, Goalkeeper

Women's Soccer

Vickie Havas, Cleveland State Senior, Forward
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2014-2015 Honor Roll

Kyle Malden Belmont Men's Soccer So.
Devon O'Neil UIC Swimming and Diving Jr.
Kyle Dunn Valparaiso Men's Tennis So.
Kyla Kellermann Oakland Women's Soccer Sr.
Sarah Thompson Detroit Golf So.
Anthony Torres Belmont Men's Soccer Jr.
Sarah Hartley Oakland Softball Sr.
Taylor Golabowski Milwaukee Volleyball Sr.
Ellyn Nedwicki Detroit Women's Soccer Jr.
Jacob Johnson Oakland Golf So.
Alyson Ryan YSU Volleyball Jr.
Katy Severson Detroit Softball Jr.
Kelsey Victor Valparaiso Volleyball 5th/Sr.
Zane Wold Valparaiso Men's Soccer Sr.
Sierra Pico Valparaiso Softball Jr.
Dawoud Kabli YSU Men's Tennis Sr.
Victoria Sollestre Detroit Women's Soccer Sr.
Cassandra Peterson Oakland Track and Field Sr.
Darion Nunn WSU Baseball Sr.
Csongor Bajnoczki WSU Swimming and Diving Jr.
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